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The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”

(Ernest Hemingway)

Should we trust each other or should we not? is and has been principle psychological issue, which we go through from every moment and second. It has been part of philosophical debate since the ancient times. Philosophers have been divided in their opinion about what “Trust” is actually, for few it is reliance that person will do them right and for others it is a process of reciprocity in which they will receive what they give. If it is so then why do people complain of being wronged and betrayed, when it is their own choice at the first hand? where is the fault and who is at the fault?

“Do not trust all men, but trust men of worth; the former course is silly, the latter a mark of prudence.”


When a person has an experience relating trust there are two outcomes from two different types of people. Some watch out next time after they have burnt their hands once and take measured steps. On the other hand some instead of tracking back what happened keep on repeating the same cycle. So, what’s the difference among those whose trust is broken by and then and those who go through such crisis lesser. It’s the basic instinct of humans to avoid danger and never let guards down in times of risk. Same goes for trust if we are going to trust same person again and again who broke the trust who is to blame? But why do we trust the same person again it’s wired in our brains to affirm ourselves and we take every opportunity to do so even the outcome is toxic experiences.

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There are always open chances and probabilities of being a person to be trustworthy or not but consequences depends partially on us, to how much to share and with whom though it’s good to believe in odd prospects to be even, still when it is unambiguous it will be sheer recklessness to do so. The middle path may be safe one here to take the chances but not to gamble what’ rare, to not abandon who wont leave us.

The fault is not in our stars but we want to trust and want to be trusted.




mesmerized by the intriguing phenomena's of life.

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mesmerized by the intriguing phenomena's of life.

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