A Story little complicated

Photo by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?”

Hoping for “dreams to come true” when setting foot into the realm of a new venture or wishing to “turn back time” when life goes on fast but we are exhausted, can not catch up with the pace of fast moving traffic.

Now and then we hear about different views of people about what do they think of life, what it means to be alive, what’s making them happy or what keeps them alive? In the this orderly woven pattern somewhere life is random and irregular. When everyone knows everything but knows nothing, neither the beginning nor the ending, all we know is this middle the part we are living. This part which we work hard to make meaningful so that when we can feel complacent.

To ask question about our own existence is nothing new, it’s what begun with the history. Throughout the ages pages has been inked and archives filled with queries of thinkers, stirring the waves of time. Still here we are here with same quizzing ideas! This is how things goes on like a “paradox” being meaningful and meaningless at the same instance. Every second wishing things will change even if we blink our eyes, deep down a desire ascent “if only things will be different from a moment ago”. A longing to travel back to see the wonders of past or just to go back where we think we can change the things from getting wrong.

The future of today will be past tomorrow which we will want to change desperately, to go back just for a moment for better, or not.

mesmerized by the intriguing phenomena's of life.