EOY (End Of Year)

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As soon as it’ December, we already began to pack things up to welcome the new year. Like every past year there resolutions made in the beginning, which we were not able to achieve, so many goals which are still on the waiting list and will be shifted on to the to do list of new year. With new expectations and aspirations to do what we have not been able to do, new year symbolizes a new us as every new beginning.

Since 2020 has been a year unlike it’ predecessors due to to the pandemic, COVID-19. The surge of virus in the first half of this year was a huge challenge, as it was not only spreading at an accelerating speed but also the number of deaths caused was strikingly enormous. The governments of several countries including South Korea did a great job in taking extensive measures to stop the spread of virus and succeeded in controlling it earlier than other developed countries.

Media and social platforms have been substantial in this perspective to make people aware of the situation. People have been quite nimble in reacting toward the pandemic and following the instructions. Then there are people who still do not believe that it is a real thing! On the top is a class who only like to deliver sermons about not be cautious enough although they are quite social. In the whole what we went through globally this year was an anticipated threat, scientifically known. There are high hopes for the treatment and regarding the vaccine.

Under the shadow of the gigantic problem everything else also went on but with lesser zeal and in accordance with the ongoing pandemic. It was a year with challenges and introduces a new side of life. As pollution dropped and the seismic noise dropped though a little due to less commotion worldwide giving a clear sky in morning and more stars in night.

In the beginning it looked like the world has stopped for a while nothing is ever going back to normal and it will take a while but we have adopted the new style. Albeit things will not be same in near future and internet plus e-services including education will be big due to their importance in times like these.

Photo by Andreas Dress on Unsplash

With this end there are new beginnings ahead, the difference is only of a digit: 2021, The plans and commitments will stay the same. It will be a time to feel the winter breeze and snow falling and the decorated buildings, festivity to feel and enjoy as another leaf falls off the tree, let’ make it matter even if we broke the promises make some new and be optimistic.




mesmerized by the intriguing phenomena's of life.

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mesmerized by the intriguing phenomena's of life.

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